I have a project that needs illustrations. How can I work with you?

I'd love to chat about what magic you're making and how my illustration skills can be part of it! Email me at giuliagpink@gmail.com with a brief summary of what you're working on and what you need from me. Excited to chat with you and work together on making something awesome!

Can I get tattoos of your art?

I love that you like my art so much you want it on your bod! It would be my honor to have you get a piece of mine tatted.

That said, do please note that my art is my work, how I help pay for school, and how I make a living. I own all the copyrights to my work and it cannot be reproduced without my permission. 

If you'd like permission to get a tattoo of my work, you can support me as the artist by purchasing Inspired to Ink or sending a little love donation my way via Venmo @Giulia-Pink. This is essentially a permission slip from me to go ahead and get that tat! If you've purchased this, you are more than welcome to select your favorite illustration of mine to tattoo.

Once you're inked, please feel free to share photos with me or tag me on Instagram @GiuliaPinkArt

Thank you for supporting my work!

How can I support your work?

It means so much to me that you want to support my art journey! If you send me a coffee as thanks for what I'm making, you'll make me the happiest lil artist.
Or, if you want to bring something home, feel free to browse my art on apparel and home goods at my art shop.

Let's keep in touch

I send monthlyish newsletters with my latest illustrations, products and news about projects Iā€™m working on to my awesome email list. Want to be friends and get my updates in your inbox?šŸ‘‡

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